Lunch Box Ideas – Back To School – Easy To Make Lunch Box Recipes

Nov 14, 2018


Lunch Box Ideas – Back To School – Easy To Make Lunch Box Recipes

Packing lunch box for your kids is always a bit of a chore. Skip the same old sabzi chapatis and upgrade to these outstanding lunch ideas. We bring you a compilation of some easy to make, quick lunch box recipes which will surely make the faces of your kids’ glow with joy.




Menu: (For ingredients, click on the below links)
Chocolate Sandwich – 00:12 ( http://goo.gl/oupx5S )
Cold Sandwich – 02:34 ( http://goo.gl/kuvEAi )
Paneer Chapati Roll – 05:54 ( http://goo.gl/aAIJp8 )
Fusion Wrap – 08:55 ( http://goo.gl/lKhTMA )


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