How To Make Mathri | Crispy Rajasthani Mathri Recipe | Matthi Recipe | Indian TeaTime Snacks |Ruchi

Oct 23, 2019


How To Make Mathri | Crispy Rajasthani Mathri Recipe | Matthi Recipe | Indian TeaTime Snacks |Ruchi

Learn how to make Delicious Diwali Special ‘Mathri’ or ‘Mathi’ with our chef Ruchi Bharani . Mathri is a Rajasthani snack which is called as Mathi in Hindi, and it is a perfect Tea-Time Snack recipe . It is a kind of flaky biscuit from north-west region of India. Once available only in selected places, Mathi or Mathri as its often called, is now available in almost all sweet shops in India. It is made from flour, water, and cumin seeds (optional).

How To Make Tea –


(Serves 4)
– 1 cup wheat Flour
– 1 cup All Purpose Flour
– 1 tbsp Carrom Seeds
– 1 tbsp Cumin Seeds
– 1 tsp Salt
– 2 tbsp Ghee
– Water
– Oil(for fryin


1. Mix wheat flour & all purpose flour in a large bowl, and add carrom seeds, cumin seeds, salt, ghee
2. Once you get a bread crumb like texture, add water to the mix and make a dough
3. Now, let the dough rest for 20 minutes, and after that, start rolling the dough over a rolling board which is greased with ghee
4. Once rolled, apply ghee over the rolled dough; dust it with some flour, roll it and cut it into small slices
5. Flatten these slices and keep it aside
6. Now, roll these dough slices; give it 2 folds, forming a triangle and lock the entire opening
7. Using a knife, make small slits on both the sides, so the mathri don’t puff up
8. Do the same with the remaining dough slices
9. Now, on a medium-low heat, fry these mathris till they turn golden brown in color
10. Drain the excess oil, take it out on a plate and serve it

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