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Homemade Peanut Laddu | Diwali Special Recipe | Divine Taste With Anushruti

Oct 20, 2018


Homemade Peanut Laddu | Diwali Special Recipe | Divine Taste With Anushruti

Learn how to make Peanut Laddu at home with Anushruti only on Rajshri Food. Its time for all the festivals in India, and sweet delicacies play an vital role in all those festivals. So instead of making the regular sweets this year try making a deliciously sweet and yummy Peanut Laddu at home. So watch and learn how to make peanut laddu only on Rajshri Food.



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(Makes about 24 bite sized laddus)
2 cups roasted unsalted peanuts without skin
1 cup or ¾ cup jaggery*
½ tsp cardamom powder


Grind the whole, roasted, unsalted peanuts without skin in a food processor. Work in short pulses and give the peanuts a few seconds to cool between each pulse or else you’ll end up with a sticky mass. Pulverize the jaggery with a mortar and pestle or with a metal potato masher. Assemble the powdered peanuts and jaggery in a bowl and with the help of a potato masher or with the help of a mortar and pestle, mix the powdered peanuts, cardamom powder and jaggery. Alternately, after the peanuts are powdered, put in the jaggery into the blender/mixer and blend until mixed and then form into laddus. Form into balls. * If you like your laddus to be on the sweeter side and if you love jaggery, use 1 cup of jaggery. 3/4th cup jaggery will give laddus that are moderately sweet.

Host: Anushruti RK ( http://www.divinetaste.com )
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