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Crispiest POTATO CHEESE NUGGET | Best Party Starter Recipe – Cheese Nugget | Cheese Balls | Bhumika

Oct 23, 2019


Crispiest POTATO CHEESE NUGGET | Best Party Starter Recipe – Cheese Nugget | Cheese Balls | Bhumika

Learn how to make Kids Favorite and Best Party Starter/Appetizer Snack ‘POTATO CHEESE NUGGET’ with our chef Bhumika Bhurani. Potato Cheese Nugget is a Quick and Easy Party Starter/Appetizer recipe which can be made with just few ingredients. It is so delicious and tempting that kids as well as adults love eating this Crispy and Cheesy Snack.It goes best with Tomato Ketchup; of which you can find the link below:

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(Serves 4)
– 4 Potatoes(Boiled)
– 1/4 cup Cheese(grated)
– 1/3 cup Bread Crumbs
– 1/4 cup Corn Flour
– Salt
– Mix Herbs
– Red Chilli Powder
– Oil For frying


1. Grate potatoes in a large bowl, and add grated cheese, bread crumbs, half of the 1/4 cup of corn flour, salt, mix herbs, red chilli powder to it
2. Mix it all together, until it forms a dough
3. Apply some oil in your hand; take half portion of dough and give it a long snake like shape
4. Now, cut this into half, and again give them both, snake like structure
5. Cut these into smaller portion and re-shape it into a cylinder and set it aside
6. Do the same with the remaining dough
7. Now , in 3 small bowl take corn flour, bread crumbs and Mixture of Flour & Water
8. Take one small portion of dough which was kept aside and add it into cornflour first, then dip it into the Mixture of Flour and Water, and then toss it in bread crumb
9. Do the same with the remaining dough amd keep it aside
10. Now, in a pan with hot oil, fry it till they turn golden brown in color

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